Increase your research output

How can an Academic benefit from my advice?
If you are in a job where it is expected that you will present at conferences, write journal articles, produce book chapters and apply for grants to undertake your own research – as well as teach your courses and supervise students – then life is busy. It is important to have someone who can work with you, when it comes to prioritizing your time in your research and engaging in the writing process.

How does my support work in practice?
Often academics are their own worst enemy. Spending large amounts of time undertaking ground breaking research can be very interesting, but given the amount of time invested in teaching and service, you need to think about other ways to maintain your research output. From discussing your research portfolio, I will advise you on how you might get a second or third publication from existing scripts, and consider ways to produce intermediate publications that may increase output from your current research activity.

What about publishing and editing?
I am happy to discuss potential publishing opportunities, by working as an editor on your behalf. I follow the Institute of Professional Editors Limited (IPEL) guidelines, and will only act with you on any writing project.

What about the basics?
I will also undertake Proof Reading Services for academic texts and Editing Services if required, on the same terms as for student work.

Mount Eden - Auckland

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